…the best track in the country by far…

Mountain Biking is an official sport being offered to pupils here at Lomagundi.  As the School Principal, it has always been a passion for me to share with pupils the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and various tracks in and around our School.  Each year, Lomagundi College hosts one of the Spur Mountain Bike events where we have developed the reputation for having “…the best track in the country by far…” as stated by the competitors themselves on numerous occasions.

Pupils are also exposed to other venues around Zimbabwe and the more senior pupils can participate in a three-day stage race.

The format we usually use is mostly cross country but there is no shortage of fast, flowing technical sections in and around the School.

Pupils do require their own mountain bike and correct attire: cycling shorts, gloves and most importantly, a helmet.  Pupils from Lomagundi School have represented Zimbabwe in previous years and have done well in this regard.