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Private accommodation : Pupils must live in College-approved accommodation unless the Principal agrees appropriate alternative arrangements with parents in writing. Permission to live in private accommodation will not normally be given unless a pupil is living with a parent or a guardian, or there are exceptional reasons that merit it. Pupils who want to transfer from College-approved accommodation to private accommodation must give one term’s notice in advance.

Should this application be successful the applicant undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations, as set out below, including the rule that a term’s notice of withdrawal be given or else the equivalent fees paid.

Once a position is offered, an entrance fee will be required.

a) agree that he/she will attend school punctually whenever required to do so.
b) agree that he/she will observe and be subject to all the regulations, rules and discipline of the school.
c) agree that he/she will take part in such sports and activities as may be arranged by the school for him/her.
d) agree that he/she will be exposed to Christian foundation in faith and practice and will have to attend Church services as and when timetabled.
e) agree that he/she will be provided with and will wear the correct school and sporting uniforms. If your child does not have the correct uniform then the school will purchase it on your behalf and the charge will go to your account.
f) nominate the doctor whose details have been filled in above to attend the child in case of illness/ injury at the school if the Head of the School is unable to contact me. I agree that if the medical practitioner named is available, the Head of the School may act in his own discretion on my behalf. I agree to pay all medical fees and expenses incurred by the Head of the school on my behalf in respect of the child.
g) accept full responsibility for payment of all School Fees and levies as set out from time to time by the Governing body and agree that these are payable in advance or on the first day of each term.
h) undertake to give a term’s written notice of withdrawing my child from the school or forfeit one term’s fees in lieu of notice.
i) declare that the information given by me on this form is true and correct.