Behavior Policy

Minor offences are dealt with in each area, like hostels and class by staff involved. Detentions and manuals are accepted punishments at the school. As a school, we do not tolerate drugs, cigarettes or alcohol on campus. Any action that brings the College into disrepute will not be tolerated either.

Being a co-educational school, pupils are not allowed out of their hostels at night. No physical contact is allowed between boys and girls. We use warning, gating, corporal punishment, suspension, exclusion and expulsion as methods to deal with serious offenders.

The Role of Parents

We expect parents to support their child’s learning, and to co-operate with the school. We try to build a supportive dialogue between the home and the school, and we inform parents immediately if we have concerns about their child’s welfare or behaviour.

The Role of Staff

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that the behaviour code is enforced in school and that children behave in a responsible manner at all times.

The Role of the Headmaster

The Headmaster supports the staff by implementing the policy, by setting the standards of behaviour, and by supporting staff in the implementation of the policy.