Technical Department

This is one of our key departments at Lomagundi College offering a wide variety of subjects from Form One up to Upper Sixth. Some of the subjects offered in this departments include:

Design and Technology: 

This is offered at IGCSE level in Form Four or Form Five depending on which stream they have been placed after the Form Two Grading Tests. Students who have studied Design and Technology have a solid foundation to enter into the vast range of design, creative and engineering professions after further Polytechnic or University specialisation studies.

Metal Technology and Design:

This subject is available from Form Two up to Upper Sixth. The subject covers all basic workshop technology in areas such as workshop safety, bench work processes, turning, milling, shaping, forging, drawing and designing and manufacturing given or own designed products. Pupils who have successfully passed with a ‘B’ grade or better at ‘O’ Level can proceed to do the City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering Course over a period of two years. The same group also do the Local National Foundation Certificate in Machineshop Engineering. These two are polytechnic courses which pupils can later on use to secure university places all over the world or go to local and international polytechnics to do the higher diplomas up to BSc in Mechanical Engineering. 

Technical Graphics and Design and Technical Drawing 

These are key subjects which form a solid foundation for every technical studies pupil from high school up to University. Any technical operative without a basic understanding and application of these subjects is like a half-baked cake. Technical Graphics is offered to all Form Ones to give them an insight and good grounding in basic line work, pictorial drawing, orthographic drawing, graphic product origination and finish applications. After ‘O’ Level, pupils who pass with an ‘A’ or ‘B’ Grade may proceed to study ‘A’ Level Technical Drawing majoring in Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing or Geometrical and Building Drawing. 

Computer Aided Design

This programme is at the moment being offered by AUTODESK to our current Form Ones and we hope to extend it to other Forms in the near future. Pupils write an exam administered by Autodesk and the successful candidates are awarded certificates. A sound knowledge of CAD has become a basic requirement for all Engineering programmes at most Polytechnics and Universities world-wide. 

 Wood Technology and Design 

Currently, all Form Ones do the subject and they are inducted in basic workshop safety, hand tools selection, use, care and basic maintenance. The practical work involves the designing and making of common home and garden artefacts which include cell phone stands, book racks, trays, jewellery boxes and many others. The syllabus at this level gives the pupils a very solid foundation for the highly skills demanding post Form One Levels of study. Pupils may also do post ‘O’ Level Vocational courses examined by HEXCO in Wood Machining and Cabinet Making at National Foundation Certificate or National Certificate Level.

Other Courses: 

The Metal Technology and Design department in conjunction with the Welding Skills Centre (Harare) are running professional industrial welding courses for our pupils in GAS, ARC, MIG and TIG. We have several current and past pupils who have done the welding courses up to coded welder level-examined and certified by the Standards Association Of Zimbabwe.